16 Tips for Warframe Beginners

          16 Tips for Warframe Beginners

Warframe, an action-based loot game, is always changing, introducing new features and removing old ones! That's why we've compiled this helpful collection of Warframe tips, which is tailored for newcomers to this very deep and developing game. Do you want to find the easiest method to go around? What about the key ways of enhancing your weapons' performance? All of this and more can be found in our Warframe guide!

1. Master The Bullet Jump​

Warframe is all on mobility, and the bullet leap is the Tenno's signature technique. It accelerates you far faster than running and can be linked forever. To do a bullet jump, crouch while sliding, then hit the jump key while still crouched. It takes some getting accustomed to, but remapping the crouch key can make things simpler. Try mapping it to a side mouse button because you'll be hitting it a lot.

2. Make Effective Use Of Combos​

You'll see a little number in the bottom right corner of the screen rising when you make melee attacks in Warframe. Multipliers will display next to this number as it reaches certain criteria. This multiplier does not apply to every attack you make. Rather, it's a damage bonus that will be applied to your next heavy strike, depleting your combo counter in the process. The goal is to build up a large combination before unleashing a powerful assault on a strong opponent. Mods can boost your "combo efficiency," which means you'll keep some of your counter even after a powerful assault.

3. Be Aware Of Mods​

In Warframe, mods are the major source of progress. You can level up frames and weaponry to a maximum of 30, after which modifications will be your sole option for increasing their capabilities. Mod slots and "capacity" are available for each frame, weapon, and companion. The former decides how many modifications you may install, while the latter — depending on their overall "drain" - restricts their combined strength. The fundamental cycle is to acquire more mods, dissolve duplicates in Endo, enhance a copy of each mod using Endo, then upgrade your gear to contain more and stronger mods all at once.

When you first start off, just click "Actions" on the upgrade screen for a piece of equipment to have the game apply mods to it automatically. Mods may be reused and do not need to be deleted from one weapon before being put in another! Vitality, Serration, Point Blank, Pressure Point, and Hornet Strike are some of the most critical to improve initially. Basically, everything that makes you more difficult to kill and increases your damage output.

4. Void Relics Offer Loot​

As you play Warframe, you'll begin to collect things known as Void Relics. Each relic may include a number of artefacts, most of which are components for strong Prime gear. To unlock a relic, you must complete a Void Fissure, a unique type of task. These missions may be found in the upper right corner of the star chart, under the small flame emblem. You must complete a standard mission while additionally collecting 10 Void Traces (little white flame symbols) before the game ends.

You'll automatically open your relic and acquire a random item from its loot pool when you extract. You can, however, select a prize from any other player on the page that displays that information. As a result, multiplayer is the ideal way to experience fissures. In the meanwhile, if someone goes with your drop, you'll gain additional Void Traces. You can spend up to 100 of these to improve relics' chances of dropping their rarest goods.

5. Know Your Elemental Types​

Cold, Heat, Toxin, and Electricity are the four major elemental damage kinds in Warframe, with six subsidiary varieties formed by mixing the fundamental ones (Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Magnetic, Radiation, and Viral). Different Warframes and weaponry provide different types of damage, and some are better than others in dealing with specific opponents. Magnetic damage, for example, is only effective against shields, and hence against the Corpus. By comparison, it'll cause a lot less damage against Grineer armour.

Each damage type has a status effect that has a probability of being applied to an adversary based on the weapon's Status Chance. You don't have to worry about this at first, but it's a good idea to have a variety of damage kinds in your primary, secondary, and melee weapons to cover all of your bases. You'll want to modify weapons later on to deal particular sorts of damage to make certain monsters simpler to defeat.

6. Look Out For Your Daily First-Win Bonus​

The "Daily Tribute" is a login bonus that you earn every 24 hours in Warframe. This is self-evident. Onscreen, a pleasant NPC will offer you anything for free, or you can choose from three possibilities. This also indicates that your "Daily First Win Bonus" is available, albeit it is less evident. This secret advantage increases the amount of Credits (the game's principal resource) you get from the first assignment you complete each day. As a result, it's vital to make your first mission a success.

Dark Sector missions, which provide you extra resources and are highlighted with the Warframe emblem on your Star Map, are a fantastic place to start. On Venus, the Profit-Taker boss is likewise a great source of money. It is, nevertheless, a late-game foe. Credits may not appear to be a major concern at first, but they gradually become one of the game's largest obstacles as the game progresses, since upgrading just one mod to max costs a lot of money.

7. Craft A Forma​

In Warframe, Forma is a one-of-a-kind resource. Sure, it's a crafting resource that can be used to construct a variety of weapons, but it's so much more. You may also "polarise" your gear with the golden puzzle pieces. Custom symbols are added to your mod slots as a result of this. When the mod's symbol and the slot it's in match, the mod costs half as many points (referred to as "capacity" in-game).

Polarizing slots using Forma, when combined with modifications, is one of the best methods to enhance your frames and weapons. That you'd want a lot of it. Forma blueprints, like Prime components, are usually obtained from Relics and take 24 hours to build. As a result, it's a smart idea to start creating it sooner rather than later, so you can stockpile Forma for when you reach the endgame.

8. Pay Attention To The Junctions​

New players in Warframe aren't given much guidance. Even the planetary Junctions, which serve as its true itinerary, don't draw much notice to themselves. When you're just starting out, though, you should put all of your efforts on these. Look for the Junctions on each planet, which are indicated by white or blue diamond-shaped nodes, and pursue their objectives. As you go from world to planet, you'll be able to unlock more. This will gradually expose you to the game's many systems and activities. And if you're ever unsure about something, you can read up what each Junction is attempting to teach you with its difficulties, which provides your learning curve some structure.

9. Complete The Railjack Mission​

When Railjack missions initially arrived, they were a hassle to do. The spaceship-on-spaceship combat mode was tedious, drained resources, provided little rewards, and necessitated a lengthy grind merely to construct your own ship (the titular Railjack). Now it's a lot better. Railjack missions provide a variety of bonuses to entice players to participate, including credits and Endo. It takes a bit for novice players to get to the Railjack stuff, but it's definitely worth it once they do.

10. Complete Your Daily Missions​

Warframe features a lot of time-limited material that it doesn't explain very well. If you've played previous "live games" like this one, it won't be too difficult. Everything is broken down into material that is updated on a daily, weekly, or irregular basis. Standing (a reputation resource obtained from open-world factions and Syndicates found in social places) and sorties are the most common daily in this situation (randomized three-part missions).

Standing is used to acquire one-of-a-kind customizations, goods, blueprints, and weaponry. Unlike sorties, which give you a random prize from a pool of drops, sorties offer you a random reward from a pool of drops. Fortunately, you can keep track of everything from the comfort of your own ship. The console to the left of your star map shows your Syndicate status (as well as how much money you have left to earn that day). In contrast, sorties may be accessed directly from the star map. When you sit down, just click on the diamond-shaped symbol on the far-right of your mission icons.

11. Complete Maroo's Trasure Hunt​

Aside from your daily objectives, Warframe offers a few of weekly quests. Maroo's treasure hunt, which becomes available after the Stolen Dreams tale quest, is the most important of them. This enterprising NPC will assign you the task of robbing Ayatan Sculptures, which are essentially lovely, wiggly vases. Then you may use them as decorations on your ship. More importantly, you may return them to Maroo for a large amount of Endo, which is required to level up modifications. Combine them with Ayatan Stars (blue and orange diamonds that drop randomly during missions) at your mod station first for a higher payoff!

12. Become A Member Of A Clan​

We understand. It might be scary to play with strangers. Maybe you won't fit in, or they'll make fun of you since you're new. It is, nevertheless, essentially required in Warframe. You can access a Dojo by joining a clan (i.e. an in-game guild). Dojos are player-created social places that grant access to resources such as labs and the dry dock. Each of these is required to access some of the game's most powerful weaponry, as well as Warframe and Railjack content (i.e. spaceship battles).

You may even form your own solitary clan! It'll just take a long time and a lot of money to finish. It's far easier to just join a newbie-friendly group via the Recruitment channel of in-game chat and profit from someone else's efforts. You may always give up at a later time!

13. Construct An Extractor Armada​

Extractors are one-of-a-kind Warframe artefacts that create resources for you in the background. Simply construct them, set them in place, and forget about them while they extract crafting resources from planets you've completely unlocked. The blueprints are on the open market, and you may use them as many times as you want!

Distilling Extractors, in particular, have a little possibility of yielding a large harvest of rare materials, so make as many as you can. The payoffs aren't always huge, but they mount up over the course of days, months, and years. Always dump one on Ceres and one on Saturn, in our opinion. Orokin Cells, which are utilised for a lot of endgame gear and might be difficult to come across, can be found at these locations.

14. Prime Parts Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways​

In Warframe, farming Prime components is a time-honored custom. It's a crucial mid-to-late-game task that rewards you with upgraded versions of existing weapons and frames. The Soma automatic rifle, for example, may be built whenever you want, but the Soma Prime – a stronger version of the gun with more mod slots — needs you to harvest its Prime pieces, which can be obtained from the aforementioned Void Relics.

In Warframe, "useless" Prime parts can be put to a variety of various uses. Duplicates can be sold for Ducats (Baro Ki'Teer's preferred currency). Meanwhile, some Syndicates frequently ask for Prime components as a kind of payment in order to advance your standing with them. Not to mention that you may swap Prime goods for Platinum with other Warframe players. Simply list your products in the Trade channel. But whatever you do, don't throw away those components!

15. Get A Rhino Blueprint​

On Venus, you'll run against the Jackal boss while making your way through the Junctions. This large bot isn't very challenging (even after the fight was recently reworked into something a bit more complex). But it isn't the only reason you should battle it more than once. The Jackal should be tackled by beginners because of its Rhino blueprints. This substantial Warframe will get you through majority of the game's early material, as well as some additional content. It's also accessible quite early in your adventure, so go to work on it!

16. Gather Everything​

Crafting is one feature that distinguishes Warframe from its competitors. Unlike Destiny, The Division, and other loot games, Warframe requires the majority of your weapons to be welded together in the Foundry on your ship. This, in turn, necessitates the use of crafting resources. It's impossible to have too much of something.

This applies to duplicate modifications and blueprints as well! From your inventory menu, you may sell the latter for Credits (which, as previously said, become significant later on). Mods, on the other hand, should be converted to Endo. While Maroo can supply some of the excellent stuff, you'll get the most of it by "dissolving" surplus things at your mod station. You'll need it since upgrading modifications is the primary method to level up in Warframe

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