PS5 Sales Cross 17 Million in 2021, Sony Promises 10 Live Service Games by 2026

 PS5 Sales Cross 17 Million in 2021, Sony Promises 10 Live Service Games by 2026

company is looking to accelerate first party software revenue, after the acquisition of Bungie. Sony expects user engagement to increase in the current quarter ending March 2022, thanks to major first party titles such as the critically acclaimed God of War for PC, and the upcoming release of titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. Gameplay time in December 2021 was 20 percent lower year-on-year from December 2020, shortly after the PS5 was launched, according to the company.

The company revealed that while it has sold 17.3 million PS5 units so far — 3.9 million units in the last quarter — it has altered its estimate of 20.2 million total console sales by March 2022. Instead, Sony expects to sell a total of 19.3 million units — lower than the company's PlayStation 4 sales in the same time frame, according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. This can be attributed to the global semiconductor and chip supply shortage. So far, Microsoft has reportedly sold 12 million units of its current-gen Xbox Series S/ X consoles, Ahmad recently revealed.

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