How does a beginner start a keto diet?

How does a beginner start a keto diet?

 What, Where, How To Start Losing Weight Fast

If you find yourself in a conversation about weight loss, chances are you’ll hear about the keto diet. The keto diet has become one of the most popular methods worldwide among people trying to lose weight and improve their health.

                What is a keto diet?

Keto diets mainly involve the drastic reduction of one’s carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fats. Reducing the carb content like this puts the body in a metabolic state known as ketosis. In this state, your body is able to efficiently burn fat for energy. It can also convert fats in the liver into ketones. This helps supply energy for the brain.

The keto diet continues to be very popular among those who want to lose weight fast or maintain their lighter physique. Still, some beginners find it a bit confusing. What is the keto diet? Where do you start? 

               How the keto diet works

The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet meant to make you lose weight fast. Short for “ketogenic diet,” this diet requires you to minimize your daily carb intake while increasing the fats you consume so your body is encouraged to burn it for energy through a process called “ketosis.” As we have different bodies and needs, this usually means:

60% to 70% of your calories from fat

5% to 10% of your calories from carbs

15% to 30% of your calories from protein

Once your body enters ketosis, it starts making ketones, which are organic compounds that your body will use in place of your missing carbs. During this point, your body also starts using more energy, which in turn leads to weight loss in a short period of time. Unfortunately, because this is a process not many are familiar with, it’s very easy for keto to become unhealthy.

What's Healthy keto

There are two main principles that form the foundation of a healthy keto diet. Here’s what to eat on a keto diet:

Eating low carb, high-fat foods that make your body use your fat reserves while in ketosis

Eat foods that will give your body all of its nutritional needs

                   Under the healthy keto diet, you can eat:

Vegetables  – When it comes to vegetables, the raw, the better. Your main choices will also be green leafy vegetables and cruciferous ones.

Moderate protein  – Keto is a moderate-protein fat, making food like grass-fed unprocessed meat, pasture-raised eggs and wild-caught fish perfect for it. You can also eat some nuts . However, make sure you only eat four to five ounces per meal or more if you’re exercising.

What to drink  – For ketosis, the best beverage of choice is always water. However, you can also try herbal tea, lemon water, bone broth, apple cider vinegar mixed with water, unsweetened almond milk and a cup of coffee.

Healthy dietary fats – As your body will be using fats for energy, it’s best to consume the healthiest ones. This includes  olive oil, avocado, milk, butter, cheese and of course, coconut oil, fatty fish. When starting, opt for a higher amount of fat, and slowly reduce it as your body adapts to the diet.

There are also food that you should avoid while on keto, which includes:

Processed meat with nitrates

Fast food

Foods with MSG

Starchy foods like potato chips and white potatoes

Pasta Or Noodles

Sugary cereal

Sweetened yogurt Or Ice Creams.

Alcohol Drinks

Carbonated drink


frozen meals

All fruits (except blackberries and raspberries)

 Intermittent Fasting and Keto: Should You Combine the Two?

The keto diet and intermittent fasting are two of the hottest current health trends.

Many health-conscious people use these methods to drop weight and control certain health conditions.

While both have solid research backing their purported benefits, many people wonder if it’s safe and effective to combine the two. In this  article I will define intermittent fasting and the keto diet and discuss whether combining the two is a good idea.

                                       What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating method that cycles between calorie restriction or fasting  and normal food consumption during a specific time period

There are many different types of intermittent fasting routines, including the 5:2 method, the Warrior Diet and alternate-day fasting.

Perhaps the most popular kind of intermittent fasting is the 16/8 method, which involves eating during an eight-hour timeframe before fasting for 16.

Intermittent fasting is mainly used as a weight loss technique. However, studies found that it may benefit health in many other ways. For example, intermittent fasting has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve brain function and blood sugar control

                             What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic (keto) diet is a high-fat, very low-carb way of eating. Carbs are typically reduced to 20 to 50 grams per day, which forces your body to rely on fats instead of glucose for its main energy source 

In the metabolic process known as ketosis, your body breaks down fats to form substances called ketones that serve as an alternate fuel source. This diet is an effective way to shed pounds, but it has several other benefits as well.   The keto diet has been used for nearly a century to treat epilepsy and also demonstrates promise for other neurological disorders  

It also helps improve mental symptoms in people with Alzheimer’s disease And reduce blood sugar, improve insulin resistance and lower heart disease risk factors.

               Potential benefits of practicing both

If you commit to the ketogenic diet while doing intermittent fasting as well, it could offer the following benefits. May smooth your path to ketosis ..Intermittent fasting may help your body reach ketosis quicker than the keto diet alone. Because your body, when fasting, maintains its energy balance by shifting its fuel source from carbs to fats — the exact premise of the keto diet 

During fasting, glycogen And Levels insulin  stores decrease, leading your body to naturally start burning fat for fuel .For anyone who struggles to reach ketosis while on a keto diet, adding intermittent fasting may effectively jumpstart your process. Combining the diet and the fast may help you burn more fat than the diet alone.

Because intermittent fasting boosts metabolism by promoting thermogenesis, or heat production, your body may start utilizing stubborn fat stores

 Should you combine them?

Combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting is likely safe for most people.

However, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with a history of disordered eating should avoid intermittent fasting. People with certain health conditions, such as heart disease, and diabetes  should consult with a doctor before trying intermittent fasting on the keto diet. Some people may find that fasting on the keto diet is too difficult, or they may experience adverse reactions, such as overeating on non-fasting days, irritability and fatigue...

Keep in mind that intermittent fasting is not necessary to reach ketosis, even though it can be used as a tool to do so quickly

                              Do keto supplements work?

To help you on your keto journey, I Have also included a free video The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan  and links of the bestselling supplements that can help your body meet its nutritional needs while it is still adjusting. This includes:

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The bottom line: Is Keto Healthy?

Combining the keto diet with intermittent fasting may help you reach ketosis faster than a keto diet alone. It may also result in greater fat loss. However, while this method may work wonders for some, it’s not necessary to mix both, and some people should avoid this combination.

when done properly. Keto can be a very good way to lose weight healthily and fast, while also building good eating habits.  While it may sound confusing, luckily, resources and keto experts like And his beginner’s guide to healthy keto can be achieved for those who are committed to it.

                   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many grams of fat should you eat on a keto diet?

A: The fat percentage in a keto diet is about 75-80% and its amount in grams can be calculated according to one’s daily requirement of calories.

Q. What happens if you cheat on the keto diet?

A: Body needs to produce ketones as a source of energy from fats and hence the carbohydrate content is minimal in keto. By cheating, the body can go off ketosis immediately and there will be no results. To get back into ketosis again takes time and the carbs will need to be flushed out first.

Q. Is it safe to follow the keto diet?

A: Keto diet was meant as a diet for epileptics to give their brains rest and shift energy from glucose to ketones. It is being widely used for weight loss but it has its limitations. Keto is a very rigid diet and cannot be continued in the long term. Brain fogging, altered lipid profile, lethargy and deficiency of some micronutrients are common disadvantages of the diet.

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